How It Works

You recognize the value that text messaging can bring to your business.
You’ve read that your current business telephones can be text enabled.
Still unsure how this can be done and how simple implementation can be?
Please read on, or download our e-book by clicking below:

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The Basics

Proximiti Registers as the Text Service Provider of Your Business Phone Numbers. No Need to Change your Voice Service Provider! Enable One or All of Your Business Phone Numbers.

Utilize any Web Connected Device to Access MessagePro’s Cloud Based Solution to Compose, Send and Receive Text Messages.

Customers, Clients and Employees Receive Your Text on their Mobile Device Just Like Any Other Text Message. Responses Are Routed Directly to Your MessagePro Inbox.

Implementation is easier than you think

You can enroll and be texting in the same day!

Setup Process

Step 1: Assess the Need of Your Business

Proximiti MessagePro service allows you to establish your primary landline business number to initiate and receive call as well as the ability to allow individual employees to text from individual DIDs. Flexibility is the key as you can funnel all communications through your primary number or establish separate numbers for departments like sales, customer service, accounts receivable and repair. Think about how your business can best utilize sms texting capabilities: how many telephone numbers do you want to enable, how many users will need to have access to texting capabilities, how many people will you want to send texts to and how often will you want to send them a text. Thinking about your “utilization” up front will help you as you enroll and set up your MessagePro service.


By clicking “Sign Up” above or at any place on the MessagePro web site, you will start the process of building your MessagePro account. During this process, you will select the MessagePro product that best meets your needs. You will also provide normal information associated with setting up a new system such as name, address, contact and billing information. For most individuals, it takes less than ten minutes to complete the Sign Up process.


After placement of your order, Proximiti will quickly validate your account information, establish your MessagePro account and provision your landline telephone numbers for text generation. Once we have completed our work in the background, you will be e-mailed an account ID and password. As soon as you receive your log-in information, you can send and receive text messages immediately!

Step 4: Assign Users to Phone Numbers You Have Provisioned

While an Account may have multiple users, each Account is established for a single Administrator. For a small account, this may be the Owner. For a large Account, it may be an IT, Accounting or HR employee. The Administrator can complete or modify your account information and configuration parameters at any time from any web enabled device. For complex accounts, the Administrator will assign and administer users and telephone numbers, establish keywords, monitor usage, manage corporate contact and group contact lists, request and receive reports and otherwise act as the responsible party for your Account. The Administrator can dynamically manage your MessagePro account to ensure you are continually maximizing its value to your business.


While you can enter text information individually with each text you originate, utilization of MessagePro service will be greatly enhanced by importing contact information through our batch input processes. MessagePro can import information from any CSV (Comma Separated Values) file. You can easily create CSV files from Outlook or many other programs through their export functions. MessagePro’s intuitive menu system will help you with importing contact information. Unlike other systems, MessagePro supports the import of contacts on both a corporate basis (through the administrator) and by individual users. Building your base of contacts greatly increases the potential value of MessagePro service to your business.


Sending sms text messages is only one valuable use of MessagePro capabilities. MessagePro also enables you to provide automatic replies in a manner that you control. “Keywords” are a prime example. Keyword functionality allows you to develop and initiate automatic replies to inbound text that contain words you designate like “hours” or “location”. You control and can customize your keywords and the reply that is sent if that keyword in contained in an inbound text. Unlike other service providers, the number of keywords allowed in association with your MessagePro account is unlimited. Also of value is the ability with all MessagePro accounts to provide automatic replies either to all messages or to messages that fit specific parameters such as after-hours messages. For certain businesses, responding to an after-hours inbound text with an automatic reply such as “Our operating hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM - We will respond to your message when we re-open tomorrow” may greatly elevate customer perception of your sales and service departments.

Step 7: Group Reports and Easy to Make Changes

Sending and receiving text message should provide significant benefits to almost any business whether used externally to support sales, service and the customer experience or internally to support employees. Proximiti’s MessagePro reports functionality, however, gives subscribers the tools to multiply that benefit exponentially. All MessagePro products allow access to full summary and detailed report functionality through the MessagePro dashboard. Summary reports can provide useful information regarding levels of usage for designated time periods by type of messages (e.g., inbound, outbound, etc.). Detailed reports can be generated to review and evaluate usage down to a user or telephone number level. Reports can also itemize customer contracts by name/number and the frequency of those contacts. Administrators have the ability to drill down into individual conversations if appropriate and desired. The ability to use MessagePro’s reports functionality to effectively manage your text message programs provides power to make the most of your contact opportunities.


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